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You are most welcome to our trainings throughout the year!



You are most welcome to our events throughout the year



Welcome to ARS ENSIS Swordfencing School!

General Information

Ars Ensis is a strictly non-profit organization. Our goal is to research, recreate and teach Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA, WMA), most notably the art of longsword.

The Knightly Art of Free Fencing as it is referred to by period writers encompasses many different schools, weapons, and has a unique and long history with over 600 years. For our training we make use of the many dozen different historical sources available (kodexes, manuals, manuscripts) as well as sportscoaching and sportsmedical knowledge of the modern times.

We are members of the European Organisation for Historical European Martial Arts (HEMAC). Ars Ensis is one of the members funding the Hungarian Longsword Assosiation (MHS) and the International Federation of Historical European Martial Arts (IFHEMA) and some of our members take active part in creating Acta Periodica Duellatorum. (APD).

Longsword trainings are held throughout the country by 30 trainers every week. You are most welcome to our trainings or events throughout the year.
Our training curriculum works as follows. We have a 4 year basic training, divided into 3 different classes, Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced, where the Intermediate level takes 2 years to accomplish. Basically, if you are a beginner and want to start learning this martial art at our school, you should pick a beginners training, called "Kezdő" in hungarian. If you already have some knowledge in HEMA and just want to drop by for a good workout, you may as well visit the intermediate ("Középhaladó") or advanced ("Haladó") trainings, tough you may want to check in first via email at the leading trainer (name after the label "kontakt"). After the 4 year basic training we offer a higher school called the provost seminar school, with 3 more years. All together, this makes at least 7 years of training, written as curriculum.

The Summer Camp is our annual event. We train for a whole week, a number of times also in the night, in the ferocious hungarian summer. We commodate in wooden houses, breakfast and warm supper included, for cca. 90 Euros for the whole week (110 USD, 70 Pounds) - may vary a bit each year.
Each year, we have a number of well-known international guest teachers at the site, but mostly it's our own team of trainers you will encounter in the camp. Our team has official sportstrainer qualification, in some cases with as many as 9 years of HEMA coaching experience in Longsword, Rapier, Ringen, Dagger, Staff, Sword&Buckler, La Canne, Bolognese swordsmanship, Arrow shooting, Sabre etc.

The camp programme itself consits of a week long longsword seminar each morning for beginners, intermediate, advanced and provost classes, and 2 slots with at least 4 choices each with different european weapon styles, every afternoon. We also do mass battles for fun every day with padded swords. Between them we have some free time for sparring and socialisation. The end of the week marks our own internal prize playing for the different levels, which we take quite seriously ourselves, but you of course as our guest are free to just watch, take part, or have some free time. The last thing we do each year is a gigantic party, that starts with a quite historical Fechtschule, where a medieval band plays bloodboiling music to which we spar and wrestle and fight and dance the whole evening long.

A final note, no alcohol drinking is allowed during the week for safety reasons and smoking is prohibited inside the camp area by hungarian law.

We can help with travel from Budapest airport or if you would arrive by car, we can arrange travelling together. We change the Campsite from time to time, currently we are in a town called Salgótarján.
The planned time of the camp in 2014 July 13-19.

Feel free to talk to us via email or facebook.